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still havent turned the lights off, except to switch out a few bulbs. ill slowly be replacing the ones that the fixture came with. they dont produce the spectrum i want. still havent dosed any ferts either. still running DIY CO2.

after much aggressive thinning of the plants... there is a drop checker in the middle, but its usually in the lower left corner. i had it there because i was planting more L. glandulosa trimmings and it was in the way.

the rotala rotundifolia in the back left corner.

closer look at the L. glandulosa trimmings that i planted in the front left. i put the first trimmed top in the dirt 5 days ago, and the most recent one just a few minutes ago. i have already begun pruning the new plants from five days ago. pretty soon, i plan on sending most of these new shoots out, after they get some roots to them and a couple branches. it will probably be a ROAK. its growing super fast for me...

every once in a while, say every two weeks or so, i wipe the glass. it does develop a bit of a green spot haze to it, but not fast enough for me to worry about it. after two weeks, it wouldn't show in a pic, but its enough that i can see it...

so far so good. only 6 48" T5HO bulbs on this 55, with cow manure under the plants...

just trying to break rules here. im such a rebel...
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