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any one have any suggestion as to what plant I should put on the hill? it needs to be small (or something that handles pruning well for shape and size) but bushy, or treelike in appearance would be nice I am trying to create the "field with a rocky hill and tree outcrop" look. the fish will be the bird like appearance in the field. and maybe a few snails for the small wildloife look such as squirrles etc. (I know I am crazy but I think this can look really neat) was also thinking maybe on the hill a tiny piece of drift wood as the "tree" with attached foliage like windelov java fern, your thoughts?

I found one fish I definitely want that I hadn't planned on before. a dennisons barb, my question is does anyone know how fast a dennisons barb grows because it till out grow this tank (I think they get about 6 inches). if they are a slow growing fish I will buy one till it gets too big then trade it out for a smaller one later. if they grow really fast I wont bother adding it because i dont want to be swapping out fish every 3 months. especially since the actual logistics of catching fish with sucha small acess hole is a nightmare. mini net fast moving fish etc.

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