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55 Gallon Water Flow

I am helping my friend set up a 55 gallon thank. I have 2 ten gallons at home, both planted and running CO2. The thing is, I am used to seeing the CO2 bubbles flow the entirety of my tanks due to the diffuser being placed underneath the flow and the flow being strong enough to push the bubbles throughout the tank.

This is not the case with the 55 gallon. We have a Marineland canister filter rated at 55 gallons and with the CO2 diffuser placed directly underneath the output of the filter, the flow out of the canister filter only seems to push the CO2 a very small distance.

What can I do to increase this flow? I have jet nozzle and was thinking of adding a spray bar, but I really don't know.

Another reason besides CO2 circulation is movement. In my ten gallons the flow is powerful enough to move the plants and makes the overall experience of viewing the tank better and seemingly more natural. I would like to achieve this same effect on the 55 gallon tank since all the plants in the tank are just still with no movement at all.

Thanks for any tip/advice in advance!
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