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So very confused

Hello everyone, I am so glad I came across this site. I am so sorry to ask the same type of question, but I am getting more and more confused. I have had a 20 g for three years and want to move up to a 40breeder. I thought I wanted high lighting and co2, the works. Now that I have spent more time reading, I am really thinking that is more the i can handle. I want a heavenly planted lush tank, I thought that ment high light and Co2. After spending a few weeks looking around here, I saw so many beautiful tanks in the low tech section. I have a Hagen Glo HO 36 in 2x39 light that I have not yet opened and can send back. I am wondering if the single light hagen glo HO with one 39 watt bulb will do the trick. I have looked at all the charts and the par seems to be for two bulbs, not one. The more I read about Co2 and high lights, I don't think I want it. Can I get the look I want with one light? I have read through the list of low light plants and they seem nice. My husband thinks I should stick with the double, but if I can grow plants with the single I think it would be easier. To add confusion, I read that WPG is not applicable any more, but when I look online to order plants they still give the requirements as WPG. So I guess my question is: would one single glo HO. 36 in 39 watt bulb be low-mod lighting? Would this give me a beautiful tank and not require Co2. Sorry for the ramble just getting more confused as I read and really need help. If I keep the double I am almost positive I have to do Co2 right?
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