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Exclamation When to start dosing in my newly setuped tank !!


Its 4 days since my tank is finally planted. CO2 levels are just fine. Plants are pearling like anything. And I've planted many plants to reduce the risk of algae bloom.
Substrate is Amazonia new. I'm changing 50% water daily.
My water parameters are-
pH- 6.4 (Tap water has 7.2 but I think Amazonia and CO2 took it down)
Ammonia- 2 ppm
Nitrite - 0.25 ppm
Nitrate - 20 ppm
KH- 3 ppm
GH - 4 ppm
TDS- 69 ppm
Temp- 23.1 deg C
Lights- LED.
Photoperiod - 6 hours. (will keep increasing it every 2-3 days by half an hour)

So my question is- When should I start dosing in my tank. I've bought Pfertz fertilizers, ADA green gain and ADA ECA. So wanna use them first. As you all must be knowing Pfertz is going down, so ultimately I'll have to switch to EI later but for now I wanna use Pfertz. So when should I start dosing and in what quantity ? Any help on this matter would be helpful.

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