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Thanks for all the responses! She will be happy when she reads this.

I'll try to address everything.

A general thing is.. This cube might even be smaller than you guys think :P.

Another general thing, the two mountain like things are chunks of wood, not rock!

Stan. I like your thought.

I'll try rearranging some stuff. I have some more pebbles. I'll put some mini pellia on them.

This tank will have mini Xmas, mini pellia and fissidens.

I don't think I will have room to drape anything down, but floaters? Sign me up! I'd like to try some red root floaters.

There's no water in the tank yet, but I will say it has to be mobile, as it may be moving once or twice a year.

And by mobile, I mean a little movement won't hurt the scape. That's why I tried to do a secure scape.

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