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24 Inch Finnex Fuge vs.Ray II

Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
That should be a good guess. I don't think I have any other data for Aquaticlife fixtures.
Hello, I have spent the better part of today reading this and every post i can find regarding the Finnex LEDs and specifically the 24" Fuge and Ray II. I am definetly leaning Lower Light, no C02, and my tank will be a 60 Cube 24x24x24 with about 2.5 inches of substrate. Reading the available charts It seems to me that with the light mounted right above the water the Fuge may almost be too low of PAR readings at the substrate even for low tech, so I am leaning towards the Ray II. But I dont want to have algae problems and or be forced into CO2 before I am ready, though it is not out of the question down the road. I have had a few larger planted tanks so i am not inexperienced with planted tanks just these LED lights and the impact of PAR value. I am glued to these lights as they are aesthetically appealing and seem to have a great performance vs. price point.
Can you Hoppy, or Possibly Lowe, or anyone else of the many here who seem to be pretty knowledgeable or maybe someone actually using these lights in a medium sized tank give some opinion to help me decide between these 2? Tanks coming in one week so I would like to get my order in soon. TIA
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