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Cool Trouble Keeping Staurogyn Repens, GSA & Curling leaves HELP!!

Ok. im on my third batch of Staurogyn repens in the past few months, i have made some adjustments and my current batch is going bad after 2 weeks.
My tank is a 13 Gallon shallow with High light. Any advise would be appreciated. I just got a new batch and i want this one to do well, this may be my last attempt in this tank.

Can i save the current Batch?
What am i doing wrong?
What Im a missing?
What do yall suggest

Dosing Regime
Ei Dosing with the these targets. 3x's per week with Macro and Micro
I do 50% WC 1-2x's per week

Macro per dose
Kno3 = 7.78 ppm
P04 = 3.33ppm (dosing more for GSA)

Micro csm+b with added DTPA Fe Per Dose targets
B 0.17
Cu 0.01
Fe 0.94
Mg 0.20
Mn 0.27

Soil: AZOO plant substrate
Osmocote plus root tabs
C02 lime green to yellow

Lights on 8 hours total with 1hr siesta after 4 hrs
Kh = 3-4
Gh = 12-14

Finnex Px360, it appears to have great flow but the angles do create dead spots.

Powerheads for Extra flow:
Using 2 small TOM aquarium Mini Internal filters (without the bottom filter and flow control for more power) They are rater for 45gph

What im noticing:
Leaves curling UNDER
Leaves CRIMPING on some
New Growth seems Stunted
Dropping many New Roots
Leaves falling off
Of Course GSA coving most leaves now

What I have tried:
P04 increase and spot treatment
Flow adjustment
shorter photo period
Nerite snails

Drop Checker


Crimping Leaves

curling leaves
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