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They definitely need ferts. I would have said most definitely for co2 as well, but Rivercats on AA has proven that moderate to high light plants can thrive with using Excel or other liquid carbon supplement like glutaraldehyde (AKA: "Glut"). Glut is the same as Excel but 2.5 times the concentration. So you'd either have to dilute it or dose less, following the Excel's dosing instructions. Glut costs significantly less than Excel. I bought some Metricide 14 that is Glut on Amazon. Compare prices you'll see what i mean. However, in my medium to high light tanks, i have two on pressurized co2 systems and 1 on DIY CO2.

Rivercats is very helpful if you want to go the non-co2 route and just dose Glut or Excel. Check out her 220g TOTM build... PM her too if you'd like.
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