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It's been a couple weeks, and everything seems to be growing well. The babies are already very colored, all red. It may take a couple more generations to bring out the blue...or I could cross them with blue velvets, hahaha.
One the land side, one of my Tillandsia Ionanthas is starting to grow a pup, it's adorable. I think it's the Druid variety? Either way it seems to be growing fast. I dechlorinate the water with Prime, and then add a drop or two of Flourish Complete. Compared to fertilizers for land plants, aquatic ferts are very mild, and the tillies seem to love it. I soak them for 12 hours, once a week. They need to completely dry out within 4 hours of soaking. Overall, a pretty sweet plant for a low maintenance setup like this. I am considering adding some kind of a vine or creeping plant to take the place of the thyme, which is entirely dead...I was thinking a pilea of some sort, thoughts?

(it's a lot brighter than it looks, I promise!)

One of the babies looking off into space...I wonder what the shrimp think of all this?
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