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Dirt is great - but messy. If I knew I'd have a tank set up for years, and I didn't have 125 lbs of Flourite, I'd probably do a dirt + black sand substrate.

I've done one for a couple years in a 20 gallon and it was a great tank. Grew everything well.

QUOTE=mitchfish9;2284297]haha my bag of dirt that I used on my tank was on sale for 1 dollar. Eco complete and flourite are ok, but roots do not love the texture as much as dirt, and it does not seem to use the fish waste in as good of a way as soil does. In a low tech setting, you don't have to worry about a dirt tank substrate for years... These companies just make a killing on people just getting into live plants(I was one of those people) only for them to learn they need put root tabs in every couple months. Dirt is the way to go in my opinion[/QUOTE]
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