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Tell him to get rid of one of the gouramis, the bala shark (likes to school), spotted pleco, giant danios, and the barbs.The tank is VERY OVERSTOCKED. Then get some smaller schooling fish to replace the fish he took out. The light he ha is not really adequate for any plants, it MAY keep anubias alive, but it is not likely. To suck up nutrients, get him some frogbit (which is a floating plant) because it is a great nutrient absorber. To get good light at the substrate level that is suitable for some crypts, then you should get him a new light. I would recommend a finnex fugeray which will be the higher and of low light at the substrate level, but if he gets floaters then it should make for a nice low light tank. In general, crypts, anubias, java fern, and floaters will be good for his tank. If he wants a great, giant focal point plant, then a sword would be a great option. With the crypts and swords, he would need root tabs for the substrate, or Osmocote Plus capsules would be even better. So in short he should get:
- A better light
- Get rid of the fish mentioned above
- Get low light plants if he upgrades his light
- Root tabs/ Osmocote Plus capsules for substrate if he gets root feeders (swords/ crypts)
- Floaters to help with excess nutrients he has right now

I know it is a long post, but hope it helps
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