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Also.. if you're going for the Ecoxotic stunner strip, the PAR data is based on 4 strips.. so perhaps if you divide the PAR based on 2 strips, that might work... I just looked at those fixtures closer on the Marine Depot site, the Panorama is only 13" so with the stunner, you have either 24" or 36"... Which would you get for a 30" long tank? I should have asked this earlier and looked at the size of these fixtures... my bad.

Again, Finnex Fugeray is 30" and would fit this tank perfectly. Unless you're thinking ahead I'm case you want to expand into high light is why you're fixated on the Ecoxotic?
***From link:
Ecoxotic Stunner Strip
PAR Data(Source) PAR vs. Distance from source
105 PAR @ surface (3" through air)
86 PAR @ 7"
71 PAR @ 12"
59 PAR @ 15"
49 PAR @ 18"
Notes: Please note that the above reading is for a 4 strip array. I don't know why the testers did this since it gives us no real basis on which to judge this fixture. Good catch Erica.
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