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Originally Posted by dj2606 View Post
just to make sure I'm getting the right power supply,

1. ebay

Planning on running 2 pumps on one supply.

Another few questions
2. Will 2 pumps fit in radioshack project box? Or will 2 separate boxes be needed?

3. to run parallel you would run the positive from power supply to each of the 2 pumps and then the negative from the supply to each of the 2 as well?

4. Where did you get the tubing? Is it just airline tubing or co2 tubing?

Great thread BTW, very informative and saves $$$$$.
1. yes...that power supply will work
2. yes...they have several sized project 2 in 1 housing is easy
3. yes...both positive leads to the positive supply...both negative leads to the negative (though technically if you switched it up duing assembly...the pump heads would rotate different directions...wouldnt hurt a thing)
4. yep...standard cheap airline tubing -little trick...cut a V in the bottom so that the tubing cant get stuck to the side of the fertilizer container and mess up your dosing

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