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Originally Posted by longgonedaddy View Post
Is your softener one that uses salt? Perhaps some of the chloride ions are reacting with the Purigen.
Originally Posted by rodcuda View Post
I would not use water that has been through a softener. I am surprised your tds is so low. I always was led to believe there would still be some sodium in the water after the softener treats it.
Originally Posted by longgonedaddy View Post
No idea how to test that. I know when I lived in a house with a softener, I would use untreated water, just to be safe. No science, just precaution.

So, is softened water definitely bad? I don't remember seeing anything on Seachem's site or FAQ mentioning softened water, or salt for that matter.

As an I rinsed the bag again, and placed it atop the filter pad in the filter. But, this time I stood the bag on end, with only the short side of the bag in contact with the pad. There was only about 1/4" of product in the water flow. Within 5 minutes I had to remove it as all the adult fish were again at the top of the tank mostly motionless, and pretty much stuck in the plants.

Either I have bogus product, or something in Purigen does not like my water!!!

I'm going to post on Seachem's site. Maybe I can get swap from them to make sure that what I have is legit. Or maybe they can suggest something to test for...

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