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I got three tanks one has play sand and big rocks with one piece of driftwood the only problem I have with that one is filling the water back up after a water change but I put down a plate an it's fine cleaning and everything else is cool I'm tryin to do a moss carpet in there now so we will see how it goes my turtles don't eat the moss or sand but the java fern was done the second day. My other tank I have gravel the only trouble there is the turtle moves it and piles it a little bit which is fine u just move it back flat or leave it if it looks good the way the turtle moves it also got a few bigger rocks with moss on them I haven't had a problem in that tank either as far as the turt eatin rocks and some of them are small enough for him to eat. My last tank has five babies in there an its a 20gal. So the water turned green from their waste but anyway I have big boulders in there with a few small ones other than the tank bein crowded there are no problems. I just figured I would tell u a little about what I got set up so u don't get discouraged the only big problem I got with my tanks is that I wanna change the tankscape every few weeks or so meaning other rocks or sand, plants, add fish, do a top tank baskin area or leave it in the tank u know stuff like that anyway good luck either way u go!
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