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OK, so I ordered two 20w floodlights off [Ebay Link Removed] Specification says 6500-7000K


Shadows and shimmer
Very little heat given off


Not powerful enough - I have to get them right down to the surface, which limits the spread

The colours seem a little washed out compared to the Aqua-glo T8s I was using before, which made reds and blues really stand out.

I do like them though, so I was thinking to get a couple more stronger ones and use as the two middle, where the 20W would be outside. I'd also put one of the T8s near the front just to enhance colour.

I was wondering whether to go for the 30W or 50W for the middle ones - what do people think on a 60cm deep tank? Also, I don't want to overlight the discus

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