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Let's take an aside here, for an EXECUTIVE VIEW of the DK Watersnake project.

DK likes to think in levels (if you can call what she does "thinking," that is). She has what she calls the EXECUTIVE level, which is like a bird's eye view of something, the large picture. She first tries to look at this level, and make EXECUTIVE RULES and EXECUTIVE OBJECTIVES, from which the projects flow.

So what is the executive view of the watersnake project?

In a past life, DK had pounded into her brain that when planning a project or solving a problem, you should work two parts of your brain simultaneously while thinking about it: 1) What is the MOST COMMON thing that could go wrong, and 2) What is the MOST DRASTIC thing that could go wrong. So you keep a dialogue about these two ends of the problem in mind when approaching a project.

In the case of the watersnake project, there are two basic scenarios. The most common is some small sort of water on the floor, due to some annoying thing that needs adjustment, but is not major. However, we want to know about the water so we can identify the thing needing adjustment, and fix it, and so we don't have small amounts of water constantly, feeding the humidity level in the room.

An example of this would be the recent drain pipe backup from the sump basin. This problem wasn't going to flood the room, but would have put a small puddle on the floor at regular frequency.


And then, we have the big problem. This would be any breach of DK's water system while the master valve is open and the system is pressurized, which would result in massive amounts of water accumulating on the floor until such time as the water system is shut down by closing the master valve. In this case, we could have hundreds of gallons or more of water on the floor, basically we're talking like a pipe breaking loose type of scenario.

This is particularly important because unfortunately her basement does not have a floor drainage system, so lots o' water has nowhere to go if it accumulates. This flaw is an EXECUTIVE PLANNING FAIL, but at the time we built this house DK had no idea she would be building a Shrimporium in the basement. You just never know what she will end up into!

Her objectives in the DK Watersnake project are on a few levels.
  • The first level is local notification. If there is water on the floor, she wants a screamer to tell her so.
  • The second level is valve control. If there is water on the floor, she wants the master valve turned OFF, so water can't ACCUMULATE.
  • The third level is REMOTE notification. If there is water on the floor, and the screamer is going off, but there is nobody home to hear it... here, we're talking about a remote dialer scenario.


Right now, we focus on the first level, and put off the others until they have more time to stew and ripen. But her basis for comparison is not this (waterwatcher product - first pic below), but rather this (continuous perimeter monitoring system - second pic below).

So, she is not trying to DIY a $xx-$xxx system, but rather a $xxxx-$xxxxx system. Functionally. And at an order of magnitude or more less cost, and without proprietary componentry. (Although a future auto-dialer likely would be.)

What she wants is CONTINUOUS PERIMETER sensoring, not SPOT sensoring. Because, in the Shrimporium, she has the main plumbing input and output of the entire house, the well tank, the hot water heater, a utility sink, and then entire rack system of her tanks, including the DK Water Factory.

Any one of which could be a source of water on the floor, needing fast attention. Anywhere in that room.

She doesn't want to wait until there is a whole layer of water in the room before a spot sensor "sees" it. The earlier a water source is detected, the better, so she wants a continuous perimeter sensor.

OK, long enough post, and I think we'll wait until the rough install is done and we have some beta testing, before we stick our neck out any further here.

(Oh GEEZE, after this post, she hopes it works. Usually she beta tests something before spouting off about it in her thread, but sometimes she is prone to shooting from the hip - well, actually she is often prone to this, BUT has learned to hide it and delay displaying it until she has a damage control plan already in place!!! You have to understand that a lot of her projects are entertainment value, and not necessarily a claim to a better re-invention of the wheel. She just wants to fool around with stuff. Yeah.)

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