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Take a look at the Hyundai and Kias.
I've owned two, a 2006 sonata that I racked up 50k miles and my 2010 genesis coupe which just cracked 62000 miles. The sonata was troublefree and ran like a top with nothing more than scheduled maintenance. The genesis had a rear differential replaced under warranty, defective right off the lot because of a production line issue but it's been solid as hell, my wife and I took it on a 3700 mile trip this past October.

I'd avoid a dodge product because of the transmission issue blazingwolf mentioned, we've had 8 dodge/chrysler products in the family over the years, starting with a 1995 Intrepid and ALL of them have required replacement transmissions... not too confidence inspiring. Maybe they have improved, after all, Hyundai and Kia have improved, but 8 transmissions in 17 years, no way I'd buck my family's odds lol
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