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Neglected this tank for about 2 months, just topped it off once or twice when I saw it was too low for the pump to be doing any good.

It grew a really nice algae film on all three sides - couldn't even see inside of it. Most of the plants died too, so there is mulm everywhere. =/

Anyway, I finally started cleaning it up expecting the worst for my shrimp, but lo and behold, all four of them are still alive and looking pretty great - including another berried!

This is what it looked like after I did a 50% WC and scraped down two of the sides. It's not pretty.

I tossed two Nerite snails that were struggling to adapt to my 110G into here. They are going to think they died and went to algae heaven.

I also hooked up the tubing on the filter outflow again, just for a few days to help clean the water up.
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