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Originally Posted by OVT View Post
When I started out with co2 I bought 2 Micromatics regulators: it was 'cheap' for a brand new one, it was featured on one respected web site as the premium regulator for aquarium co2, I was afraid to buy something used, and it was shiny.

That purchase was a mistake, ~$140 down the drain. After 4 EOTDs, several middle-of-the-night emergency water changes, some dead fish, and countless hours trying to figure out what went wrong I finally replaced both with double-stages. Like every time I try to save $10 I waste a $100.

There are endless debates on 1-stage vs 2-stage, EOTDs, and so on and I don't want another one here, please. BUT this forum is where the information and expertise is - take your time, ask for help, and do it once and save yourself some headache and heartache later.

Given that you have already bought a regulator, do keep an eye on it and the fish once it starts to get empty until it earns your trust. I bet yours will work just fine for the next 40 years with 0 issues, but do prove it to yourself first.
What type of needle valve was on yours that had the EOTD?
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