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Thanks very much I have definitely lost a little perspective/depth with the plant growth you're right. It's sort of hard to plan for such a small space(6"x6"x6") I may fill the back with more of the rotala I'm not sure. And I may be able to regain some slope once I trim the fissidens. The plant you're asking about is Hygro pinnatifida. I'm going to trim off the tallest leaves at some point and that will leave 2-3 miniature versions of it behind.

Originally Posted by sejoy View Post
I personally really love this one. Especially the first picture on this page, I like how the floaters look like a cloud!

I would maybe move the red bush-looking plant (sorry I've never seen one like it before, don't know what it's called) back a little bit since it's bigger than most other things in the front, but that's just me.
I would also maybe replace the fissidens as it does look a bit yellow, but maybe it's just the lighting like you said. Maybe a few longer stems or grasses in the back to give it more depth since some of the slope you had at first seems to be lost a bit in the plant growth.

But I really love the look of it as a whole. It's definitely one of my favorite scapes, I'm just offering my nit-picky art kid opinion lol.

Also I would love ot know what that red plant is, it's gorgeous.
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