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Originally Posted by plamski View Post
water detector?
Let me see how you will modify sound to shut down the switch. I have some ideas including baby toys.
Hi Plamen,

I'm assuming what you mean is how to use the impulse that sounds the alarm to shut down the water valve? At any rate, that is exactly my plan.

As to how it will be accomplished, here DK has a little confession:

Yesterday, she was reading an article about a thing called dyscalculia. Very interesting article, the gist of which is that there appear to be discreet pathways in the brain that enable calculation ability, and in some folks, who may be highly intelligent otherwise, this ability to calculate just ain't working efficiently.

So. Um. Yes.

DK's brain, while not affected by dyscalculia, does rather glaze over and go into seizures in the realms of, say, electronics, physics, and more abstract types of chemistry.

Basically, if it's too abstract for DK to draw some sort of cartoon in her mind (OK, so now you know what goes on in there), she sorta loses focus and her mind just...wanders...offffff...duty.

Which brings us back to the topic of how to take the electrical impulse sent out by the detector to the alarm, and use that impulse to tell my water main valve to shut off, and stay shut off.

So, she admits, she was just gonna dump this on Other Geek, assuming he'd wiggle his twitchy fingers on the keyboard and order up some sort of relay.

For now, it's conceptual, and she has no actual plan. Well, the plan is: present the objective, and dump it on Other Geek. That's why this is Phase I, which entails putting in a perimeter sensor, and a screamer when it "feels" wet, and ditch battery dependency. If the power goes out, her master valve defaults shut, anyway. It's when the power is ON that the Watersnake must tell the valve to shut if there is water detected.

So, y'all hit me with your ideas. Go ahead. Make my day. Make it cheap, tho. And non-proprietary. And modular. And easily re-configurable. And reversible. And...

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