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Well guys, I've got to say, you guys changed my mind.
I had a bad day today though, got punched in the face.
(Black eye) Let's put it aside though.
The thing is though... if I do get in... I can't get out until
after 12th grade (college).... unless my parents let me, but
probably not. To answer the question what I want to be,
I'm not very sure. Even though my family/aunts/uncles always
ask me, I just don't know. It's like they PUT their whole hope
on me becoming a doctor. I said MAYBE optometrist. (just because I'm
scared of blood... hehehehe)
I told my dad I wanted to become a lawyer a couple of days ago, and he
said No. Lawyer means liar to him. He even told me, " To become the "best"
lawyer, you must be able to defend anyone. Then all the criminals/murderers
will ask you for help."
BUT NO! I guess he doesn't understand that everyone has a side to the
case. I even showed him that I got every A in Language arts this month
Do you know what else is horrible about my dad? Ever since he remembered
I'm going to 7th grade, he has been making me read books EVERYDAY (2hrs)
just because I got 87% on this trimester's essay, and he thinks I'm going to
fail the essay for Oxford. Let's see how he likes it if I do fail.
The only good end I get to this is that I get the money that was going to be
spent on the study lessons, which is a quite large amount. First ADA tank
Well in general, I'll take the test, and not bomb. (MAYBE, lets see what happens)
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