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Updated pic finally.

Updates since the last pics:
+2 Amanos
+12 Orange Neo shrimp
+baby orange neos in the last week or so. No idea how many.
+Marsilea Minuta
+Christmas moss on wall and small rock in front of driftwood
+Subwassertang on rock up front as well as in the center of the driftwood root

The Rotela is growing in very well, as is the Crypt Wendetii. The pennywort grows like crazy. The Ludwigia repens isn't doing as well as I initially thought. I think it was too shaded by the filter, and the bottom leaves died back. It's coming back, but slowly. I wish I'd put the Rotela indicaon the left to better hide the filter and the rotela on the right.

The moss wall looks like crap, but hopefully it will fill in. Shrimp like hiding in and behind it, and are as the moss grows in, they do seem to feed on it. I can always pull it if I decide I don't like it.

The water is low as a protective measure to keep the Amanos from surfing up the filter and escaping again. I have lost two that way so far.

I've got some hair algae. Not too bad, and easy to control. I initially had diatom algae as well, but it seems to be backing off as the tank gets more established. I keep thinking about getting a couple of otos, but I'm not sure they'll eat the algae that I have. I'd feed some small algae pellets anyway, so hopefully they'd be fine either way if I got them.

Another thing I think I'd like to add is a floating plant of some type. I actually have some duckweed that came in with the shrimp I ordered, but I'm not sure I want to have that get in this tank. Looks like you'd never be able to get rid of it. Was thinking either frogbit or Asian water moss (Salvinia Cucullata). Probably will wait until the weather warms up a bit to order some from somewhere.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this tank.

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