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Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
anymore info on these guys?

Just that they are a Hyphessobrycon similar to amapaensis.
Originally Posted by AaronT View Post
Nice. It seems the parotocinclus might be a good substitute for the Hisonotus leucofrenatus I've been looking for, but can't seem to find. How many of the species 3 did you get in?
150 or so

Originally Posted by ThatGuyWithTheFish View Post
What are the names of all the new otos you got and how much?
They have yet to be id's formerly- working on that.

I know I got in Hypoptopoma gulare (jumbo oto), Hypoptopoma sp. orange (formerly Nannoptopoma, also called orange zebra), Parotocinclus sp. 3, and another Hypoptopoma which is about 2" that I am working on getting an id. I did get soem more cocama too, but they and the orange had a bit of a rough ride and will need more time than the others.

The pyrrhulina (splash tetras), on the other hand, and the two Centromochlus species look awesome and are about ready to go (along with teh parotocinclus and gulare)
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