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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Your tap water in Northern Kentucky - unless it's from a well, and even then I'm doubting how soft it is - is quite hard. That region isn't the greatest on the water front. Do you have GH & KH readings from a liquid test kit?

I doubt strongly that it was the Purigen causing a problem. You've likely stirred up something in the tank or filter and caused a mini cycle to hit.
Northern New York, not Kentucky.

Water goes through a whole house water softener. TDS of the tap is less than 10 ppm. I'll pull out test kit and test for chlorine, but I doubt it.

No, I have neither GH nor KH test kits. What are you suggesting?

Nothing was stirred up. The tank had not had anything done to it in a few days other than feeding and a drop or two of Flourish. The Purigen was rinsed, and then laid flat on top of the filter pad in the filter, nothing else.

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