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Originally Posted by aznartist34 View Post
Asian parents never see the other side of this. They only see that you have to go to a good school and do well. Anything less is not acceptable.
I've known many kids, particular Asian kids, the parent nagging is often worse than a physical beating any day.
At least those wounds will heal

I'm kidding, sort of.

I'd prefer the beating when I was at that age.
Got some of those too.

Here's the deal: Friends and social life in middle school is well, Hell. It's very important to you now. Lots of bullies, yea, they claim it's better today, but bullies are sneaky.

So would you rather have nerdy kids who are serious about school, or the thugs at the other school? You lose your friends, get a brand NEW chance and social status. No knows you, which is actually pretty good in many ways. You'll become friends with plenty of them, fear not.

One door closes, another opens. I was 14 when the folks decided to go to Mexico for a year. I'd been learning French for a year prior, but they changed the last minute. Lost every friend, could not speak Spanish, food was strange, school was intense.

Sucked for about 2 months and then it went from the worse, to the best place and time I had before graduating high school. Also had the best grades.
The best friends later also.

Middle School is social hell, I say go to the best school.
Look at it this way, there are things you want FROM YOUR PARENTS.
So, if you give them what they want academically, then they will get bragging rights(huge factor for them), and you did your part of the deal, so can I have a nice car for the 16th b day? New ipad? New ADA aquarium?

Look, this path will NOT hurt you, it will give you awesome creds for $$$ and jobs later, good schools etc, and the folks will give you everything you want on the side. Sports? As long as you have good grades, most parents will do ANYTHING you want that's not actually lethal or dangerous.

Also, give your folks a break, they still think of you as their baby.They cannot help it. Time flies for them, not for you. You are changing FAST, they are slow and do not change fast, so there's a time warp factor. It is VERY hard for them to understand you as you develop independence.

I say make a deal, "I'll go to the new school, but...........if I do well academically, can I have a new aquarium? Pluuuueeessseeee??"

You will survive.

Do not feel bad, I know college age and even college BS graduates who still get nagged by their folks to become a Doctor or a Dentist etc. 25 years old, still getting nagged. Mostly Asian? You bet.

Tom Barr
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