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Well, it's been about a month since the last picture. I have this big heater in the tank since my mini heater died, but a new one should be here any day! Got a little more HC to seed in and bam, it took off! For some reason the HC keeps coming loose on the left side where the substrate is deeper......or it doesn't like the rocks or something. Dumped the hagen co2 unit (need to find a use for it now) for an aquatek paintball unit. What a difference that made!!!!! Still injecting it into the refugium intake seems to work pretty good. got a couple of those little black fluval diffusers on standby just in case though. I kept the rock on the right. As suggested by someone here, it really does look cool now. Had a short fight with brown algae that I triumphed. Now there is a "little" GSA. The ramshorns don't seem to bother the HC which is nice. Yes, my camera still sucks.
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