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Originally Posted by Aquaticz View Post
What kind of sand are you using?
How long has it been in use and does it get black anywhere below the surface. I ask because I love the look of white sand but apparently did not use the right kind when I tried.

I have a crypt tank also and will post a pic or two as soon as a mini cycle is complete.
Long story as to why

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I use play sand i bought at a local hardware store. It's hard for me to say if it will turn black or not. There is some sand mixed in with it that i had in a tank for years that is a bit of a darker and different color, but i don't think any of the new sand has changed its color. i try to stir up the sand a little bit every time i do a water change though too so the 2 are kind of blending together over time

Edit: Just realized i have a second, brackish tank ive used play sand in for years. for the most part all of that sand kept it's color, but some of it had turned ugly from where algae has died and been mixed in i think..
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