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Here's more advice from an old guy:

- look at this situation like this, you DO have a choice about how this does down. if you wanted to, you could sabotage your way out of oxford by intentionally blowing it. So, ultimately you are in control of things.

- your parents may be inflexible of mind, but there can be a lot of value to going to a great school. it could put you on a trajectory that will make your life better, even if it's harder. but like you said, it might not be right for you and that is a legitimate possibly, too.

So, you are in a pretty good position. You have a chance to try out a challenging school that could really bring a lot of value to your life, especially long-term. And, you are in a position to bail on the whole thing if it just totally sucks.

So, why not give it a try? You might find that it's hard, but you learn a lot and you are proud when meet the challenge, and that your future really looks brighter with a stronger education. That would be great.

Or, you might find that just just sucks and you want out. And you can make that happen, and that would be great, too.

Give it a try, and own the decision that you make for yourself after seeing what it's like for a while.

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