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To those who said I didn't wait for my tank to fully cycle... you were 100% correct. I had a short-lived small ammonia spike (up to 0.5 ppm, now almost 0), and now I've been having a nasty nitrite spike over the last few days (it looks between 1, 2 and 5 ppm on the colour chart but I really can't tell, I have a small colour impairment when it comes to purple). I have been doing 20% water changes every second day since I noticed the problem and after work today I plan to get some API Stress Zyme. I'm worried about the oto and the shrimp but I don't have another tank or a friend to take them until cycling is complete.

An update on the amano with the white tail, it went away after a few days.

Also, most of my hygrophila died. I'm not sure if its because of the uncycled tank, lighting, CO2, etc. I've been dosing 3-4 drops Excel every second day, and the anubias seems to be thriving. Ceratopteris and java fern don't look any different then when I bought them.

Would anyone recommend I get the Fluval shrimp mineral supplement, or is it just a scam?
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