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I work at nissan so of course my loyalty lies there

the flex is a next door vehicle to me. i asked one of the service guys how they felt about it
the quests do have their issues, but so far we've seen very few problems out of them
(don't run one low on gas)
toyota does have a good lineup
and i'd personally put the honda at the top of the list

as someone else said old mercury's? ford minivan's even some dodge were based off the nissan quest platform 93-99 if im not mistaken. the parts are interchangeable and so far nissan is the only one that still caries some parts for them

the old quests were nigh indestructable shoot me a message if u have any care related questions. i've been in the car industry for a long time, i'll shoot u straight. EVERY manufacturer has good and bad cars, its knowing which is which

OH YEAH the parts guy will agree with this one probably.. chrysler products have the WORST TRANSMISSIONS EVER MADE
u can expect a new transmission right before the powertrain warranty ends

kia has come up a lot on its product quality as well, buy a hyundai if u go that right. its a better made kia
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