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Thanks for the link, le0p! I'd love to see how yours is set up. It sounds like there won't be anything needed to help gentle the flow for the shrimp or block anything up so that shrimp won't get sucked in.

I see the eBay link I linked was removed. This one is the most expensive with the one le0p posted of the next step down then there's the one that doesn't have a light at all. The negative about this light is that the lid wont' fit on the breeder box with the light mounted to it. If I want to fit it, then I'd have to modify the top. To answer your question, the light is 10" long and it's a FugeRay.

The seller got back to me and said they would replace the air pump if I send it back and that they've not had a problem with air pumps before. I guess mine was just a fluke. I think the seller is Finnex themselves, but I'm not sure.
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