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This is great. I would love to meet up with everyone. I would prefer a closer venue that could be done with just trains (Manhattan, Brooklyn) than a farther one (NJ/LI) - as I am on call that day - but I could make it work either way. If long distance - I would drive - and could take a few people down with me, but if I am called in to work I will have to leave early - and those people would have to catch rides with others the rest of the way.

Stuff I will definitely have to trade:


Red root floater (Phyllanthus fluitans)
Giant salvinia (Salvinia oblongifolia)
Asian watermoss (Salvinia cucullata)
Pellia (Monosolenium tenerum)
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides (this is what it was sold to me as - the leaves have slightly larger lobes then what I see in pics - but I am not growing it with CO2)

I may also have some other cuttings by that time.

Other items:

Manzanita log (~8" long x 3" diameter - give or take) - can snap a pic if someone wants to see it
10" pair of tweezers (wider ends - 1/4" or so, not pincer type) - they are a little stiff - but may break in.
Bag of "natural looking", brown aquarium gravel
I could also start a couple of microworm starter cultures

Looking for:

Brazilian micro sword (Lilaeopsis brasiliensis)
Ammania sp. 'Bonsai'
Assassin snails
Tiger shrimp (wild type - nothing fancy)
New feeders or food for nano fish

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