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Originally Posted by binbin9 View Post
It in a separate fluval edge with PH at 7.8 to 8 temp is 82%. I'm trying to get my TDS lower its about 380

They are alone with some yellow rabbit snails. Midway Pet actually has some for sale in Des Moines.
Do you only have the one? I may head own to Midway Pets and see if I can't pick up a couple. I have CRS in a ten gallon tank right now - was wondering if I could house them together. But my temps aren't that high - I have 78 on my tank with 7.4 PH...which is high for CRS but they appear to be handling it fine at this point. Since I am a newbie, I don't pretend to know what I am doing, just going off what everyone is saying. I started out with cycled tank water that originated from my tap - I am slowly switching over to Distilled water with the CRS hoping to bring down my PH.

Do you have Blue Orange Eyed Tigers? If so, let me know when you are ready to sell some of those.

Thanks and wishing you a prosperous shrimp colony.
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