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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
Grass looks good, but yes, a nice mid ground plant would do well.

Brown or red crypt etc. Ludwigias perhaps, L sphaerocarpa would look good growing up over the micro swords.
Thanks Tom. I agree, I have to get something to break up the transition between the back NLJF and the foreground carpet. I'm strongly leaning towards some type of crypt, but at this stage I've yet to commit to anything, since I've never used them in anything for fear of crypt melt (after spending a lot of $ on plants just to see them 'die').

Originally Posted by jamesdson View Post
this tank reminds me of seagrass seabed. nice man!!!
Originally Posted by tex627 View Post
Microswords is so underused. Look amazing! Well done.
Thanks, I agree, that microswords are really underused, but I suspect that the main reason is that they're so damn difficult to grow at any really observable speed. I think most people wouldn't even consider planting a plant (for a foreground cover no less) with the expectation that they'd have to wait a minimum of 3 months before seeing any really observable progress. But that is precisely what it takes even in what I think have been optimal conditions in my aquarium. Although what you see appears to be a very thick carpet, it actually isn't as thick as I want it to be and I suspect that it will take another three months to get there. Lots and lots of patience is the key with this plant...
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