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looks like i haven't updated this in a long while, so here we go:

I finally got my LED components today so i quickly gutted out my fixture and put them in. The results are exactly like my schematic showed before. here is a video, because only a video can show how dim the lighting goes (the camera always adjusts the light level for w/e reason.)

Here is a pic of the max light output. the sword plant will go where the spot light is.

There is some shimmer but I'm going to modify my HOB a little bit so that hopefully i can move it right next to the LEDs (so that there would be turbulence right next to the light) to get the level of shimmer i really want. It's going to be crazy.

(I realize there is no schematic, this is just a copy paste out of context. basically i swapped out most of the flourite for play sand, got rid of plants, added in DW from my back yard, and am planning on selling all of my sulawesi snails soon so that i can add one Red Rubin Swordplant. Right in that spotlight.)
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