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diagonal sump mattenfilter?

I'm currently planning a paludarium (40B), and I'm considering using a sump (mostly to maintain a constant water level in the paludarium, and also the keep the heater out of sight), and putting in a mattenfilter in the sump(10).

Most of the setups I've seen show the foam going across the narrow dimension of the tank (which makes a lot of sense, if it's in the display tank).

I was thinking of running it diagonally across the sump, splitting the 10G into 2 triangle shaped areas - one where the water enters, and another where it will be pumped back up to the main tank. I haven't fully planned this out yet, but I'm assuming if I did this way, I'd need to divert the flow somewhat, so that it doesn't all go through the center.

I've been thinking about this for a bit, and I'm sure there are some major reasons not to do this, but I've failed to think of them so far. So I just wanted to toss the idea out there, and see if anyone had any thoughts/criticisms, etc.

I've tried to attach a 'diagram' to show what I'm thinking of. the black diagonal near the inflow is just a barrier to spread the flow of the water some. before you comment on the quality of the 'diagram', please consider how much time I invested in it (a bit much, I won't disclose exactly how much though), and what would happen if a similar expenditure of energy was put into creating parodies of your most cherished tanks. :P

Anyways, I'd appreciate any/all comments,advice, etc.
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