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Having a tough time keeping floaters alive

Hey guys I feel I have the worst luck with floaters as I can't seem to keep them alive. First I tried frogbit and they melted pretty quick. Now I have water lettuce and hornwort and they are slowly melting away as well. When I first got them they were both big and lush with long roots for the water lettuce. Now my water lettuce keeps turning yellow and melting and the leaves never grow as big as when I first got them. Also the Cabomba I just got grows tall but the leaves are thin. I don't know what I am doing wrong so if anyone could help me finally figure out what I am doing wrong that would be awesome. I have a dirted substrate, a t5 dual HO light with I believe 35 watts and I'm using a sponge filter in a 10 gallon. I do not dose any ferts but was reading that maybe I might need more iron. Any Ideas guys?
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