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Finnex Hang-On Breeder

Recently, I sent someone 20 Blue Pearls/Jellies juvies and she showed me what she was keeping them in: a hang-on 1/2 gallon nursery. So that led me to a search for one of my own and I found a 1 Gallon Finnex FugeRay Hang-On Refugium/Shrimp Breeder on eBay.

Link -

[Ebay Link Removed]

Here it is set up. The first one is without the lights on -

With both blue and white LEDs on -

Blue Only -

White Only -

I put in Fissidens, Taiwan Moss, something unknown, and Round Pellia -

Lone Painted Fire Red. I don't know where the males and the other female PFR went -

The whole setup, hanging on my RCS 20 High Gallon breeder tank -

My plan is to breed Painted Fire Reds only in this HOB and hopefully grow the plants in this. I'll have to order a few more, though, it's looking like because I can't find the rest of the PFRs anywhere in the RCS tank.
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