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If we decide on Saturday within the next week, I'll see if I can get the day off, pending others' work schedules.

*Have the day off! Yay!
**Might not have day off, will make it but might be a bit late ....

Things I am planning to bring:
10 gallon reptile tank, Aquaclear 50 for Viva
3 gallon Tetra cube, clip on LED and 25 watt heater for MrBrongher
KMnO4, 10ml syringe, spirulina powder, used flourite for xev and aokashi
3, 5, 10 ml syringes for szenic
Lots of powdered stuff, 2 gallon tank for Albert

Up for grabs (free if no price listed):
Blue veiltail betta
Pond/bladder snails
Potassium permanganate, $1 for a baggie
Potassium bicarbonate
Potassium sulfate
Monopotassium phosphate
Miller microplex trace element mix
Calcium carbonate
Syringes upon request (specify size)
Spirulina powder

Shopping list (wanted):
Glass lids for a 75 gallon with center brace
Aquarium silicone
Large sword plants (Echinodorus)
Java fern
Elodea canadensis (yes, I am weird)
Quiet One 1200 pump and associated plumbing

Wanted list being edited due to revised estimate of personal carrying capacity

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