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Yay for another swap meet!

What I have to sell/trade:

H. ceylon
L. sessiliflora
C. furcata
Watersprite (reg and broadleaf)
Najas grass
E. vesuvius
B. carolina

Red rili shrimp
Long fin albino bristlenose pleco
1 male threadfin rainbow (damaged fins, but otherwise healthy)

2x 10 gallon tanks (not broken down yet, but should be by next weekish)
1x 10 gallon economy hood with 2x cfl - aokashi
1x 10 gallon screen cover
Aqueon 1 gallon tank kit (with miracle grow capped with sand)
3x umbra fish hotel (stackable)
Marina Slim s10 filter (no media) - jellie
Large driftwood (pictured)
Cholla wood (pictured)
Epsom salt
200 watt all glass aquarium heater
Riparium hangers - jellie
Riparium trellis rafts - jellie

Looking for:
Any kind of anubias
Any kind of java fern
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