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String algae has ruined my life.

String algae is causing me to break down. I love my tank so much and coming home from school seeing all the plants smothered in string algae breaks my heart. I cleaned out most of it and all the plants' bottoms are completely dead. What happened! Things I changed differently:

~Switched out a 6500k to a 10,000k, so now I now I have a 6500k and a 10,000k.

~Added some plants, that quickly melted. Have been doing waterchanges every other day since then.

And that's it! Please help me. What should I do! I'm going to switch out the 10,000k for a 6500k because I am afraid it was that that caused it.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I run co2 way above what's tolerable by fish because I don't have fish at the moment.

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