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Originally Posted by wkndracer View Post
I blinked twice and my girl has her masters degree, a job and is marrying a frog. My baby boy is now 13. Hi guys!
Thanks Mike, It's just that i feel slightly hypocritical for throwing around my authority when if the same was done to me, there'd be a problem. I know he needs it, because he is a child but it's just something i'm dealing with in my own messed up head. a moral dilemma of sorts.

Originally Posted by crazydaz View Post
Authority=Stucture, perhaps NC? Most people need a structure to live by, which would include scheduling work and free time, and it would logically follow that there would be a hierarchy of those with more experience to instruct those with less experience; ergo, those would be placed into a position of wisdom and power=authority. Ideally-speaking, of course.

I would think that, as an adult, you can control yourself and keep certain ideas or attitudes somewhat hidden. Children cannot. I'm not sure that I would necessarily teach my kids to "obey," necessarily, but to be respectful even in disagreement. We are ALL in positions of "authority" in some way. You are in a position of "authority" with respect to your kids, right? Authority is not a bad thing; inflated Ego, power run amok, greed, and blind obedience are, but they don't have to equate to a definition of authority. Those in positions of authority that abuse it are the enemy. Those who don't are leaders.

Err.....also: I hope that you get this big guy up and running. And soon!
thanks don, I'm trying to teach him to question the hierarchy and not to believe what someone tells you just because they are an authority figure... because like you said, thats an ideal situation, not necassarily an actual situation. power corrupts.

i guess what im trying to get it at, is getting him to make the distinction between what is BS and what isnt. i mean, i'm not preaching anarcho-whatever to him and telling him how to make molotovs (that comes later j/k), but again i don't want him to blindly accept opinions as fact.

Thanks to both you and mike for your responses. I would go deeper into the discussion, but it would not be appropriate for this forum.

Originally Posted by cableguy69846 View Post
That is the nature of the list. It never ends. NEVER.

Lol. She just started. She will be a year on Valentine's Day, and already throwing tantrums.

Well then, as The Doctor said, "Don't blink. Don't even blink."

Hi, wknd. How's it goin? Where is the 90 gallon?

yea heidi, isnt quite throwing tantrums yet but i can tell its coming... and you are correct the list never ends lol.

Originally Posted by msjinkzd View Post
yea, tell me about it! My stepson seems like he was 2 yesterday and now is a sophmore in high school My oldest daughterj ust turned 10. I cannot believe it, sigh.

You know, Damon... i can always home those anubias
we should all get together, have a few and sob about the years gone by. I still cant believe you have a high schooler, i bet they love parent teacher conferences.

if it takes much longer i might have to rehome them temporarily!

Originally Posted by Indyplanted View Post
Looks good dude. Whens the planting start?
when you coming over? haha

125g Mud tank.
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