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Attend every industry meeting or hosted meeting/product showcase, etc. They may seem like a drag at first, but they are actually pretty fun once you stop being antisocial.

I make dentures, but we have 2 huge association meetings a year, and then countless workshops and classes. I used to hate going to them, but in the past few years I've met a bunch of great guys, gotten a few job offers and I've learned a lot as well.

So next time a company function comes up, or everyone is going out for drinks on Friday, tag along for a little bit. You don't have to get involved in office gossip or whatever, but just being seen at these functions will get you some connections. (hey, you were at Applebee's last Friday, weren't you? I didn't know you were in such and such department, you should apply at our department, it's way better, I'll out a word for you)
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