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Originally Posted by Steve001 View Post
In my first reply, I did let the op know they had asked a thoughtful question.
My post wasn't directed at the op certainly or anyone in particular though one poster did prompt this response that I've been thinking about on and off recently. Maybe this is a topic worth discussing. I could start a new thread.
Sorry, again... not following you. If your comment wasn't directed at anyone in particular, but is in response to what one of the posters said, I still don't see it. Are you referring to people planning a split photo period for the sole purpose of viewing their tank? I really do want to understand you. I'll be interested in seeing your new thread if you decide to start one.

Steve001, I do agree with you that some of the posters in the forum can be revolting the way they talk about their tanks as if fish loss is just a financial loss or a hassle. But I really didn't see that in these posts. And the quotes you quoted in your last post were quotes made in response to your comment, which seemed misplaced in this thread. TexasCiclid pointed out that there are all kinds in this hobby, all entering the hobby for different reasons, with different goals in mind. Like it or not, that is what we've got. And none of us are "innocent", because there's nothing "natural" about what we're doing, let's face it. A plant from Indonesia, a fish from South America, substrate from a bag, all thrown into a glass tank filled with municipal water and illuminated by fixtures powered by coal-fired electricity.
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