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Hi. The nitrogen results (ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate) look good, although I am concerned about the nitrite. It should go down, and I think it's less than the last time you checked it. Nitrate is very good - anything below 20 ppm is alright.

The fish sound like they're ok. If you see everyone gasping at the surface, which I don't expect at all, do an immediate 50-75% water change and then do 50% water changes, say, every day to get the ammonia or nitrites back down. They sound very good though.

I guess you can get yourself a chair and sit back and enjoy. Make sure the lights are on a timer - 10 hours daylight to start off.

Looking good!

btw, I'm pretty sure that when you get a low nitrate level like yours, it means that most of the ammonia is going to the plants instead of the rest of the Nitrogen cycle with bacteria. The bacteria establish their own level in the tank, probably in the same time frame as a no-fish-in cycle.

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