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Originally Posted by AnotherHobby View Post
Look at that grass fantastic work!

Tank looks great!
Thanks Another Hobby; that grass took a lot of patience to cultivate, lol.

Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
looking good styxx.
if you want a crypt midground, maybe get some green gecko? i never thought this plant was too impressive, but then i saw it in person and changed my mind. i love the little blush in the leafs center. might look nice in there.
Marko, I'm definitely considering including Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green or some green gecko. Can you send me a picture of yours? I'm a little worried about crypt melt and the time it would take for the plants to recover. But I really am starting to get some crypts in here somewhere. In the mean time I'm going to get some Anubias coffeefolia, anubias nana petitte and another large Seriyu stone to break up the monotony of the midground.

Originally Posted by boxhead1990 View Post
Wish my tank looked that good ATM

But my grates are through the roof at this point in time

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Well it just takes time, patience and money. But what do you mean your "grates" are through the roof, lol??
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