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I was satisfied with the progress that the oto's and pleco as well as the shrimp did on the algae as most of it is already gone.

I wasn't satisfied with the micro sword in the back. It had algae on it and a lot of it melted without more growth. I purchased some dwarf sag from a member on here. So I decided to salvage some of the micro sword and replanted it in the middle of the tank and I planted the dwarf sag towards the corners with a couple of micro swords mixed in between


Oto's love the dwarf sag already

Now my issue is rooting of the HC. A lot of it winds up floating to the top Most of it in the center of the tank has algae on it. I've just learned about it needed a finer substrate to help the roots hang onto something. So I think what I might do is remove the HC and see what's salvageable. Lay down about 1/2 on black sand and then replant the HC and/or get new HC. I have to see what my LFS has in that regard. What do you think?

Oh, I also just started dosing with seachem excel
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